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West Ham’s Antonio makes fun of Arsenal fans which will make some angry



( Arsenal fans / Photo via Getty )

West Ham United’s standout performer and Premier League sensation, Michail Antonio, has taken a playful jab at Arsenal fans, expressing his bemusement at their fervent oscillation between exuberance and despair. In a candid moment on BBC 5 Livesport, Antonio shared his bemusement at the passionate reactions of Arsenal supporters, citing instances where even his inner circle had been swept up in the emotional rollercoaster of Gunners’ fandom.

Antonio quipped, “Arsenal fans… they annoy me. I’m talking about my agent, my family, and my friends,” highlighting the pervasive impact of Arsenal’s passionate following on those closest to him. Reflecting on the unpredictable swings of emotions exhibited by Arsenal fans, Antonio humorously remarked, “Because as soon as they are tiptoeing close to anything, they’re ‘the best team in the world’ — it’s actually unbelievable how delusional these people are.”

The West Ham star went on to recall a humorous incident following a victory over Arsenal last season, wherein he recounted, “Last year when we beat Arsenal, they were top of the league… my agent I’ve been with since I was 19, called me up and called me a wasteman! He was like ‘why did you have to do this to me? It’s been so many years!'” This anecdote serves as a lighthearted portrayal of the intense emotions and banter that permeate the footballing landscape, highlighting the passion and attachment that fans and even those in players’ inner circles can experience.

As Arsenal navigates the intricacies of fan loyalty and the joys and frustrations that come with supporting a top-flight club, Antonio’s humorous take offers a refreshing glimpse into the intricacies of football fandom and the light-hearted camaraderie that transcends rivalries on and off the pitch. Amidst the competitive spirit that defines the Premier League, moments of levity and jest like Antonio’s playful dig at Arsenal fans contribute to the vibrant tapestry of emotions that characterize the beautiful game.

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