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Wilshere reveals the surprising thing that Mikel Arteta did as a player at Arsenal



( Former Arsenal star Jack Wilshere)

Former Arsenal midfield maestro Jack Wilshere has illuminated a lesser-known aspect of current Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta’s character, shedding light on the Spaniard’s exemplary leadership qualities both on and off the field during their shared time at the Emirates Stadium. In a revealing insight provided to The Metro UK, Wilshere extolled Arteta’s impact, emphasizing his technical prowess, strategic acumen, and unique leadership style that left a lasting impression on the young midfielder.

Reflecting on Arteta’s arrival at Arsenal, Wilshere reminisced, “He was a good player. Technically: very, very good. Understanding of the game: very good. Leading, talking… he was kind of different to anything I had experienced at that point when he came in.” Wilshere’s admiration for Arteta’s multifaceted skill set underscores the profound influence the midfielder had on his teammates and the club’s culture during his playing days.

Wilshere recounted a poignant moment that epitomized Arteta’s compassionate and motivating approach, stating, “I remember when he came in, I was injured with one of those boots on, and it was his first day.” Arteta’s immediate engagement and encouragement towards Wilshere, urging him to hasten his recovery, showcased the manager’s keen interest in the team’s success and his proactive support for his players’ well-being and development.

As Wilshere recalled Arteta’s impactful gesture, he noted, “Then, he led by example. He was always on time, all the things you would expect from someone like Mikel, being a leader and obviously gone on to do what he’s doing.” Arteta’s commitment to professionalism, punctuality, and setting a high standard resonated with Wilshere and demonstrated the qualities that have since defined Arteta’s managerial tenure at Arsenal.

Wilshere’s testimonial to Arteta’s leadership serves as a testament to the enduring impact of the Arsenal manager’s mentorship and guidance, showcasing a blend of technical prowess, interpersonal skills, and motivational leadership that have shaped both players’ careers and left an indelible mark on the fabric of Arsenal Football Club.

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