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Arteta reveals how Saka has changed so much from how he was last season

Bukayo Saka has been once again Arsenal’s best player this season and Mikel Arteta has opened up about how the Englishman has changed this season.



( Mikel Arteta and Bukayo Saka / Photo via Getty )

Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta has shed light on the subtle yet significant transformation he has observed in Bukayo Saka’s game this season. While acknowledging the winger’s consistently high level of performance, Arteta has identified a heightened competitive edge and an insatiable desire to win as key developments in Saka’s mentality.

“The level of consistency compared to last year is very similar,” Arteta explained to Arsenal Media. “Probably there are areas in the game where he’s become more effective. I see a different edge from him, the way he competes. Not the way he plays, but the way he competes, and he loves winning more than three months ago, six months ago, a year ago and now that is something that hopefully is in his system.”

Saka’s statistics this season speak for themselves. With 16 goals and 9 assists, he has been instrumental in Arsenal’s title challenge, consistently delivering impactful performances and demonstrating his ability to influence games at the highest level.

However, Arteta’s observations go beyond mere numbers. He has identified a shift in Saka’s mindset, a burning desire to win that has become increasingly evident in his approach to every match. This newfound competitive edge has translated into a more aggressive and determined on-field presence, making Saka an even more formidable opponent for defenders.

Arteta’s emphasis on Saka’s evolving mentality highlights the importance of mental fortitude and a winning attitude in achieving success at the highest level. As Arsenal continues its push for the Premier League title, Saka’s unwavering desire to win, coupled with his exceptional talent, will undoubtedly be crucial in determining the team’s fate.

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