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Bukayo Saka sends an emotional message to Arsenal fans after end of season

Arsenal winger Bukayo Saka who was of the gunners best players last season has sent an emotional message to the fans.



( Arsenal winger Bukayo Saka / Photo via Getty )

Arsenal winger Bukayo Saka has sent an emotional message to the club’s supporters after their heartbreaking Premier League title loss to Manchester City. Despite narrowly missing out on the championship by just two points, Saka remained optimistic and promised a return to the top.

“We’ll be back and we won’t stop until we get there,” wrote Saka on Instagram, addressing the Arsenal faithful known as “Gooners.” He expressed his gratitude for their unwavering support throughout the season, acknowledging its crucial role in the team’s success.

“Thank you to Gooners worldwide who’ve supported us all season long, your support means everything to us,” he added, emphasizing the strong connection between the players and their fans. Saka concluded his message with a promise to return and a sentiment of unity, stating, “See you soon.”

Saka’s message reflects the collective spirit of an Arsenal team that defied expectations this season, challenging Manchester City’s dominance and pushing them to the very end. Despite the disappointment of falling short, the players and fans share a common goal: to reach the pinnacle of English football.

The 22-year-old winger had an outstanding season, contributing significantly to the team’s success with 16 goals and 9 assists. His message is a reminder that Arsenal’s ambitions remain high, and they are determined to come back stronger and more determined than ever in the pursuit of the Premier League title.

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