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Captain Martin Odegaard sends an end of season message to the Arsenal fans

Arsenal midfielder and captain Martin Odegaard has sent a final end of the season message to the fans of the club.



( Arsenal captain Martin Odegaard / Photo via Getty )

Arsenal captain Martin Ødegaard has expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the club’s loyal supporters, acknowledging their unwavering support throughout the 2023/24 season. Despite narrowly missing out on the Premier League title, Ødegaard emphasized the impact of the fans on the team’s journey.

“Honestly guys, I can’t thank you enough for everything you do for us,” Ødegaard told Arsenal Media. “The support we have at away games, it feels like we’re playing at home, and home games are just a different level. We can’t thank you enough and we love you so much, so thank you,” he added.

Ødegaard’s words reflect the deep connection between the players and the Arsenal fanbase, known as the “Gooners.” The team’s performances at both home and away games were consistently fueled by the passionate support of their loyal following.

The captain’s message highlights the importance of the fans’ role in the team’s success, even in a season that ultimately ended with disappointment. Their unwavering belief and enthusiasm created a formidable atmosphere, pushing the team to achieve remarkable feats.

Ødegaard’s sincere gratitude emphasizes the strong bond between the players and the fans, a bond that transcends the outcome of individual games and seasons. The Arsenal faithful remain a driving force behind the team’s aspirations, and their support will continue to be instrumental in the club’s quest for future success.

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