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Odegaard reveals Arsenal’s simple but effective plan to win the Premier League

Arsenal are currently in a high stakes Premier League title race with Manchester City and captain Martin Odegaard has revealed the gunners plan to win it.



( Arsenal midfielder Martin Odegaard / Photo via Getty )

As the Premier League title race enters its final stages, Arsenal captain Martin Odegaard has revealed the team’s straightforward yet effective approach to securing the coveted trophy: taking it one game at a time.

With just two matches remaining and Manchester City breathing down their necks, the pressure is mounting on the Gunners. However, Odegaard emphasizes the importance of maintaining focus and executing their game plan, rather than getting caught up in the title race frenzy.

“We need to take it game by game now, just make sure we do our job, and then hopefully good things will happen,” Odegaard stated in an interview with The Standard. “The only way to do that, though, is by staying focused on our job and go out to win the games, and then we will see.”

This simple yet profound philosophy has been a cornerstone of Arsenal’s success this season. By concentrating on each individual match and avoiding distractions, the team has managed to maintain consistency and build momentum throughout the campaign.

Odegaard’s leadership both on and off the pitch has been instrumental in instilling this mentality within the squad. His calm and composed demeanor, coupled with his exceptional playmaking abilities, have made him a vital figure in Arsenal’s title pursuit.

With 8 goals and 8 assists to his name this season, Odegaard has led by example, inspiring his teammates with his creativity and determination. His unwavering belief in the team’s ability and his focus on the task at hand serve as a source of motivation for the entire squad.

As Arsenal prepares for a crucial encounter against Manchester United at Old Trafford, Odegaard’s message of focusing on the present and taking each game as it comes will be more important than ever. By adhering to this principle, the Gunners can navigate the pressure of the title race and give themselves the best possible chance of achieving their ultimate goal.

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