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REVEALED: One big factor that could lead to Arsenal losing the title race

Arsenal have been in a Premier League title race for months and there is one big factor that could lead to the gunners losing it to Manchester City.



( Arsenal players / Photo via Getty )

As Arsenal prepares to face Manchester United at Old Trafford this Sunday, a worrying statistic has emerged, highlighting the Gunners’ historical struggles at the iconic stadium. This trend, coupled with Manchester City’s relentless pursuit, raises concerns about whether Arsenal’s performances at Old Trafford could ultimately cost them the Premier League title.

The statistic reveals a stark reality: “In the last 15 years Arsenal have won fewer points at Old Trafford than they have at the Etihad or Anfield.” With just 7 points accumulated at Old Trafford compared to 9 at the Etihad and 14 at Anfield, Arsenal’s inability to consistently secure results at the Theatre of Dreams is a cause for concern.

This historical trend paints a challenging picture for Arsenal’s title aspirations. While they currently sit atop the Premier League table with 83 points, Manchester City remains hot on their heels with 82 points and a game in hand. A slip-up at Old Trafford could prove detrimental, potentially handing the advantage to their title rivals.

Several factors contribute to Arsenal’s struggles at Old Trafford. The intense atmosphere and passionate home support create a daunting environment for visiting teams. Additionally, Manchester United’s historical dominance and their players’ familiarity with the pitch often give them a psychological edge.

Despite the challenges that lie ahead, Arsenal enters the match with a strong recent performance, having secured a convincing 3-0 victory against Bournemouth. Their attacking prowess and ability to control games will be crucial in overcoming their historical woes at Old Trafford.

However, the pressure of the title race and the weight of history at Old Trafford could prove to be significant obstacles for Arsenal. To emerge victorious, they will need to demonstrate exceptional resilience, tactical discipline, and a unwavering determination to secure a result that keeps their title dreams alive.

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