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Arsenal Legend Reveals Solution To Arsenal Problems, Not Sacking Wenger 

The gunners are on the verge of becoming a laughing stock to their rival clubs whose fans are mocking Arsenal supporters.



The gunners are on the verge of becoming a laughing stock to their rival clubs whose fans are mocking Arsenal supporters.

Arsenal has under performed this season because they have lost been conceding for fun as well as losing important matches which could have been a starting point for them to try and make their way to the English Premier League top four.

Most pundits and fans are attributing the misfortunes of the club to Arsene Wenger and they believe that they would be better off if the Frenchman left the club as soon as possible but gunners legend Emmanuel Petit disagrees because he believes that ain’t the solution but he outlined one solution;

“If you change Wenger then put someone else in his position, I’m not sure if it will be the solution. The solution is in the transfer market.’ the former footballer is quoted by MIRROR SPORT.

“I won’t say money buys you trophies, but it helps you compete.’

‘If Arsenal want to compete then they have to spend money, be intelligent and also be careful on the profile of the player not just their quality but also their desire, their commitment, their personality”

( Wenger looking stressed )

The gunners won’t be agreeing with their legend on this matter because they believe that their team is very good on paper just that it is receiving wrong instructions from a person who should have retired 7 years ago in 2011 when the fans called for his resignation.

Emmanuel Petit believes that the problems of the club can still be resloved in the transfer market but that might not be the option because one the gunners have a manager who has no desire to sign new players that are expensive, that has been his motto ever since he started managing Arsenal.

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