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Arsenal Vs Chelsea Halftime Review

Arsenal is currently playing against Chelsea in Dublin and the gunners are so far one goal down after the blues scored a goal through Rudiger.



Unai Emery
( Arsenal manager Unai Emery )

Arsenal are playing against Chelsea right now in Dublin and the gunners are so far one goal down after the blues scored through Rudiger who headed past Petr Cech who has started in the goal for the North Londoners, the match is currently at halftime.

It has been an interesting match for the gunners even though they have failed to score a goal but they have had some few chances which they have failed to convert so they will be hoping to improve in the second half after they receive some inspirational talk from Unai Emery.

Even though Petr Cech has conceded a goal against Chelsea but he has today surprised the Arsenal supporters after the blues were awarded a penalty and the Czech Republican international bravely saved it, and this is surprising to gooners because they have for long been criticizing him for not being able to save penalties in matches.

Arsenal have players like Aubameyang, Mesut Ozil and Mkhitaryan in the attack but they have still failed to score an equaliser but it is surprising that Unai Emery decided to leave Alexandre Lacazette on the bench but well it’s just a friendly match.

The Arsenal manager will likely make a number of changes in the second half as he wouldn’t wish to lose this friendly match because it’s against a Premier League yet the supporters would have hoped to see the strength of the new Arsenal squad against an EPL side in action but it’s disappointing so far.

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