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Arteta reveals how he helped Havertz get more confidence by ‘using’ his wife

Kai Havertz joined Arsenal in this year’s summer transfer window and Mikel Arteta has opened up on how he has helped the German international to get more confidence.



( Arsenal midfielder Kai Havertz / Photo via Getty )

Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta has come to the defense of his player Kai Havertz, who has faced criticism from Arsenal fans due to his slow start at the club. Havertz, who was signed from Chelsea for a hefty fee of £65 million during the summer transfer window, has struggled to make an impact on the pitch so far.

Speaking to reporters, Arteta compared Havertz’s situation to his own personal experience of trying to win over his wife. “I said to Havertz: things are hard at the beginning. When I met my wife, at the beginning it was hard to conquer her. It was hard, I had to try and message her, and go, and go,” Arteta revealed. “And at the end when she says ‘yes, we can be together…’ it’s beautiful.”

Arteta’s analogy highlights his belief that players need time to adapt and settle into a new environment. He understands that Havertz is going through a challenging period but remains confident in his abilities.


Despite Havertz’s struggles, Arsenal managed an impressive 3-1 victory over Manchester United on Sunday. The win propelled them into fifth position on the Premier League table with 10 points after four games as they head into the international break.

However, it was evident in the match against Manchester United that Havertz missed several chances. This has further fueled criticism from fans who expected more from their high-profile signing.

Arteta’s comments not only defend Havertz but also serve as a reminder that patience is required when integrating new players into a team. The manager believes that with time and support, Havertz will find his rhythm and contribute significantly to Arsenal’s success.

As Arsenal fans eagerly await Kai Havertz’s breakthrough moment, they can take solace in Arteta’s words of encouragement and hope for a beautiful ending similar to his own love story.

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