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Former Arsenal star reveals reason why Arteta dropped Ramsdale from no.1 spot

Arsenal goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale is no longer the first choice goalkeeper of Mikel Arteta and former gunner has revealed the reason why that decision might have been made.



( Arsenal goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale / Photo via Getty )

Former Arsenal star Gael Clichy has shed light on why Gunners boss Mikel Arteta may have made the decision to demote Aaron Ramsdale from being the first-choice goalkeeper to second choice behind David Raya.

Clichy believes that Ramsdale’s playing style, which involves playing with his head up and occasionally winding up opposition fans, could have been a factor in Arteta’s decision. While these qualities can be seen as positive and show character, Clichy suggests that if they cross a certain line, they can become an issue.

The former Arsenal defender sees Arteta’s decision as a way of keeping Ramsdale humble and reminding him that the team has not achieved anything significant yet. Clichy suggests that Arteta wants Ramsdale to prove himself and show what he is truly made of.

“Ramsdale plays with his head up and can wind up the opposition fans. Those qualities are great, it shows character, but if you go over the line then it can become an issue.” said Gael Clichy as per The Sun.

“I see this as a way of Arteta keeping Ramsdale humble and reminding him that Arsenal have not achieved anything yet. And now he’ll ask Ramsdale to prove to him what he’s made of.”

Arsenal signed David Raya during the summer transfer window, and in recent weeks, he has taken over Ramsdale’s spot as the first-choice goalkeeper. It is unclear whether this change is temporary or permanent, but it appears that Arteta is making a statement by giving Raya the opportunity to showcase his abilities.

Ramsdale had made an impressive start to his Arsenal career after joining from Sheffield United. However, Arteta’s decision to demote him suggests that there may be areas of his game or attitude that the manager wants him to work on.

As Ramsdale adjusts to his new role as the second-choice goalkeeper, he will have to prove himself to Arteta and fight for his place in the starting lineup. The competition between Ramsdale and Raya could potentially bring out the best in both players and ultimately benefit Arsenal in the long run.

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