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Thierry Henry speaks out on replacing Arteta as Arsenal’s manager



Thierry Henry
( Arsenal legend Thierry Henry / Photo via Getty )

Arsenal legend Thierry Henry has been making headlines recently after expressing his admiration for current Gunners manager Mikel Arteta. In an interview with The Rest is Football, the former Arsenal striker was asked if he would ever consider managing his former club in the future.

Henry, who had a successful eight-year spell at Arsenal as a player, responded by praising Arteta and his achievements at the club so far. “I have mad respect for Mikel,” Henry said. “He’s done extremely well in the last two years.”

The Frenchman also showed his respect for the current situation at Arsenal and his desire to not cause any unnecessary distractions for Arteta. “I have realised when it comes to talking about coaching, talking about Arsenal… I have too much respect for the overall situation,” Henry added.

He further explained that he does not want to put Arteta in a difficult position by making comments that could potentially be used against him in press conferences. “Otherwise, Mikel will be asked, ‘Thierry Henry said…’ – you don’t need this type of question in a press conference. We don’t need to do that!”

Henry’s words show his deep understanding and respect for the club he holds dear to his heart. His comments also highlight the strong bond between him and Arteta, as well as the mutual respect between the two Arsenal legends.

Although Henry may not be ready to take on the managerial role at Arsenal just yet, his love for the club and admiration for Arteta suggest that he could be a potential candidate in the future. For now, Gunners fans can take comfort in knowing that their club is in good hands with Arteta at the helm.

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