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Unbelievable, Arsenal fans find out depressing fact ahead of game against Manchester City

Arsenal fans will be looking forward to their match against Manchester City and the gooners have received a depressing fact ahead of that encounter.



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Arsenal fans have received a depressing statistic ahead of their upcoming match against Manchester City. The Gunners have failed to keep a clean sheet in their last 11 Premier League matches at the Emirates Stadium against City. Furthermore, Arsenal have only managed to keep two clean sheets in their last 15 Premier League home games.

This statistic is certainly a cause for concern for Arsenal fans as they prepare to face the reigning champions. Keeping a clean sheet is crucial in any match, but especially against a team of Manchester City’s caliber. It will be a tough challenge for Arsenal’s defense to contain City’s attacking prowess and try to keep them from scoring.

However, despite this daunting statistic, Arsenal fans should not lose hope. The team has shown great resilience and determination this season, currently sitting in third place on the Premier League table with 17 points. They have been able to secure positive results and perform well in their recent matches.

Additionally, the support of the Arsenal fans at the Emirates Stadium cannot be underestimated. Their unwavering support and the electrifying atmosphere they create can provide an extra boost for the players on the pitch. The fans’ chants of “North London Forever” reverberating through the stadium can give the team goosebumps and inspire them to give their all.

While the statistic may be discouraging, it is important for Arsenal fans to remember that anything can happen in football. The team has the talent and potential to overcome this challenge and secure a positive result against Manchester City. With the support of their passionate fans, Arsenal can create an intimidating atmosphere for their opponents and strive for success.

As the match approaches, Arsenal fans will be eagerly anticipating the clash with Manchester City, hoping that their team can defy the odds and come out victorious. The statistic may be disheartening, but it should serve as motivation for the players to prove themselves and show that they are capable of keeping a clean sheet against City.

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