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Martinelli makes a dig at Arteta’s coaching as per some Arsenal fans



( Mikel Arteta and Gabriel Martinelli / Photo via Getty )

Arsenal winger Gabriel Martinelli has recently been called up by the Brazil national team, and he has opened up about the differences between his club manager Mikel Arteta and his country’s national team manager Diniz. In a statement to Brazilian media, Martinelli discussed the contrasting styles of play and management between the two coaches.

“They have different ways of playing,” Martinelli said. “Last game, I never had so much freedom in terms of creation. Diniz has given me confidence.”

The young winger went on to explain that Diniz’s coaching style allows for more freedom and creativity on the field, as well as a calmer approach to positioning. “Diniz makes us calm in relation to positioning,” Martinelli said. “You need to float a lot, be close to each other.”

These comments have led to some speculation among Arsenal fans about whether Martinelli’s words were a subtle dig at his club manager Mikel Arteta. However, it’s important to note that every manager has their own unique style and approach to coaching, and players may respond differently to each one.

It’s clear that Martinelli appreciates the confidence and freedom that Diniz has given him with the Brazil national team, but it’s also important to remember that he is still a young player who is learning and growing under the guidance of both his club and national team managers.

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