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Captain Odegaard reveals the one demand he has made to his Arsenal team



( Arsenal midfielder Martin Odegaard / Photo via Getty )

Arsenal’s midfield maestro and captain, Martin Odegaard, has unveiled his ambitious aspirations for the Gunners this season, setting his sights on a dual conquest of the Premier League and the illustrious UEFA Champions League. Odegaard’s revelation sheds light on Arsenal’s formidable intentions to compete at the highest level in both domestic and European competitions.

In a candid interview with the Standard, Odegaard articulated his desire for Arsenal to challenge for top honors, expressing his unwavering belief in the team’s ability to vie for glory on multiple fronts:

“That’s what we want to do, we want to compete in every competition we play in. Of course, the Champions League is a massive one, so we are excited for it. We just want to focus on ourselves each game, keep improving every game and we will see how it goes.”

Arsenal’s current standing in the Premier League, occupying the third position with 55 points after 25 league games, underscores their competitive edge and determination to clinch domestic success. With a convincing 5-0 victory over Burnley in their recent Premier League encounter, the Gunners have showcased their potential for greatness under the leadership of Odegaard.

As Arsenal braves the challenges of the UEFA Champions League, facing FC Porto in a pivotal clash at Estádio do Dragão, Odegaard’s resolute call for excellence resonates throughout the squad, instilling a sense of purpose and unity among the players. The Norwegian midfielder’s emphasis on continuous improvement and self-belief sets the stage for an exhilarating journey as Arsenal embarks on a quest for dual glory in the Premier League and the Champions League this season.

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