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Porto manager mocks Mikel Arteta after Arsenal loses to Porto



( Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta / Photo via Getty )

Following Arsenal’s one-nil defeat to Porto in the UEFA Champions League round of 16, Porto’s manager Sergio Conceicao took a jab at Arsenal’s Mikel Arteta, mocking his coaching style and strategic approach to the game.

In his comments to the media, Conceicao pointed out Arteta’s background in the Pep Guardiola school of coaching, highlighting Guardiola’s vast array of titles. He remarked, “Arteta is from the Guardiola school, who is the coach with the most titles in the world.” Conceicao suggested that Arteta’s focus on possession-based football may not always be the most effective strategy, emphasizing that success depends on the team’s composition and the execution of tactics.

The Porto boss further dissected the match dynamics, noting that his team had 40% possession compared to Arsenal’s 60%, which he deemed acceptable. Conceicao expressed his indifference towards possession statistics, stating, “I didn’t mind having 30%-70% and winning too.” He emphasized that the key to victory lies in the ability to capitalize on possession and create goal-scoring opportunities within the team’s designated strategy.

Porto’s triumph over Arsenal, secured by Galeno’s late goal, has positioned them advantageously for the upcoming second leg in London. As Porto prepares for their league match against Gil Vicente, Arteta and Arsenal have been left to reflect on their defeat and regroup for their imminent Premier League clash with Newcastle United.

Conceicao’s remarks not only highlight the competitive dynamics between the two clubs but also ignite discussions about tactical nuances in football coaching, adding an extra layer of intrigue to the aftermath of the encounter between Porto and Arsenal in the Champions League arena.

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