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Wilshere Makes Bold Statement On City’s Win And Criticizes Some Referee Decisions 

The gunners played the Carabao Cup final at the Wembley Stadium against Manchester City on Sunday where they lost the match 3-0.



The gunners played the Carabao Cup final at the Wembley Stadium against Manchester City on Sunday where they lost the match 3-0.

Jack Wilshere was among the selected players to begin the cup final match and most fans believe that he is the only player that tried to make a change in the match but he wasn’t able to carry the team on his shoulders.

The English midfielder was disappointed in himself and he took to his official Instagram account to reveal his frustration;


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It seems the midfielder believes that the refree made some mistakes in his decisions because some of the goals were supposed to be disallowed, here’s what he said;

“That being said i can’t accept some of the decisions that went against us yesterday. What ever you say about the first goal, its a foul. The second goal is offside. ’ said Jack Wilshere

‘There should have been a second yellow in the first half. Yes this happens in football but its still hard to accept. And people will say we are looking for excuses but these are facts.”

The English international was fairly hurt with the performance of his team but he claims that the match would have had huge difference if the refree had made some correct officiating.

I am a very stubborn person who is always very argumentative in football discussions but I always win. I like writing about transfer news most.

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