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Kai Havertz makes one big demand to his boss Mikel Arteta



Arsenal’s attacking midfielder Kai Havertz has subtly revealed his preference for a specific position on the pitch, indirectly hinting to his manager Mikel Arteta about his ideal playing role within the team. Despite his versatile nature and willingness to adapt to various positions, Havertz’s remarks to The Standard shed light on his inclination towards a certain pocket position that he believes suits his playing style exceptionally well.

Expressing his comfort and adaptability on the field, Havertz’s statement resonates with a sense of versatility and commitment to excel regardless of his designated position:

“I think this pocket position suits me quite well, but wherever I play I’ll give everything. I’ve said it many times, but I feel comfortable wherever. I like to be on the pitch and I am not a player who is just in one position.”

Havertz’s evolution throughout the season in Arsenal colors has been notable, transitioning from a challenging start to a phase of consistent growth and contribution to the team’s attacking prowess. With five goals and one assist to his name this campaign, the German playmaker has showcased his offensive capabilities and impact in decisive moments for the Gunners.

Having impressed in the pocket position in recent outings, Havertz’s effectiveness in this role has not gone unnoticed, further emphasizing his adaptability and tactical acumen:

“I like to switch, to be flexible, and I think that is one of my strengths. I’m going to give everything wherever I play — that is the most important thing.”

As Arsenal’s talented midfielder continues to flourish and make his mark within the squad, his subtle indication of the ideal playing position serves as valuable insight for manager Mikel Arteta to optimize Havertz’s potential and solidify his pivotal role in the team’s attacking setup. With his commitment and versatility as guiding principles, Havertz’s impact on Arsenal’s campaign promises to be a key factor in their pursuit of success this season.

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