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Hated former Arsenal star reveals he regrets leaving the gunners



( Arsenal fans / Photo via Getty )

Former Arsenal star Cesc Fabregas has recently made a statement expressing his regret for leaving the club during a difficult period. The Spanish midfielder, who is now retired, left Arsenal to join Barcelona in 2011, a move that was met with disappointment and anger from Arsenal fans.

In a recent interview with Sky Sports, Fabregas acknowledged his regret, saying, “I don’t like to look backwards too much, but when I went to Barcelona from Arsenal, I think if I could go back now, maybe I would wait a little bit more & I would have gone a little bit later.”

Fabregas’ departure from Arsenal was a significant blow to the club and its supporters. At the time, Arsenal was struggling to compete for major trophies, and losing their captain and star player only added to their woes. Many fans felt betrayed by Fabregas’ decision to leave during such a challenging period.


However, it seems that time has given Fabregas some perspective on his decision. While he does not dwell on the past, he admits that he may have made a different choice if given the chance. This statement from Fabregas shows a level of remorse and understanding of the impact his departure had on the club and its fans.

Since leaving Arsenal, Fabregas has gone on to have a successful career, playing for Barcelona, Chelsea, and AS Monaco. Despite his success elsewhere, his time at Arsenal remains an important chapter in his career. It is clear that Fabregas still holds a connection to the club and its fans, as evidenced by his recent regretful statement.

While some Arsenal fans may never fully forgive Fabregas for leaving during a difficult period, his acknowledgment of regret may help mend some of the broken bridges. As time goes on, it is possible that the wounds will heal, and Fabregas will be remembered more fondly for his contributions to the club during his time there, rather than solely for his departure.

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